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Deep Cleaning
in Bacchus Marsh

At Magical Smiles Bacchus Marsh, we provide a deep cleaning that leaves you with a bright, healthy smile. Schedule an appointment today!

Bring Your Smile Back to Life
With Deep Cleaning

Let’s face it, no one likes bad breath. It’s embarrassing and can make social situations very uncomfortable. Poor oral hygiene may be to blame for this problem. 

Bad breath can also be a symptom of gum disease, which is why it is important to get it checked right away. Gum disease is caused by a build-up of plaque along the gum line, which can lead to bleeding and swollen gums.

At Magical Smiles Bacchus Marsh, we offer deep cleaning services to help keep your smile healthy and sparkling. Our team of experienced dental professionals will work diligently to remove any plaque or bacteria from areas of your teeth below the gumline. Then, we will be smoothing out your tooth roots to help your gums reattach to your teeth. We use special tools and techniques to make your deep cleaning experience a breeze!

Dental Problems That
Deep Cleaning Can Address

Though brushing and flossing at home are essential to good oral health, plaque can still accumulate over time. Deep cleaning in Bacchus Marsh can help address a wide variety of dental problems, and these include:

Stained Yellow Teeth

Although some may be blessed with naturally white teeth, over time, teeth can become yellow. This can be due to several factors, including coffee, tea, wine, smoking, and certain medications.

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Gum Disease

Gum disease is a serious infection of the gums and one of the main causes of tooth loss in adults. It may cause swelling and bleeding of the gums and bad breath.

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Bad Breath

Having bad breath can be more than just an inconvenience - it can be an indication of poor oral health. Gum disease, cavities, or oral infections may also be the cause of the condition.

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Why Choose Magical Smiles Bacchus Marsh

At Magical Smiles Bacchus Marsh, our committed team provides personalised treatments and a gentle approach to create a pleasant experience during every deep cleaning appointment. Find out how we can help you today!

Qualified Team of Professionals

Our qualified team is backed by years of experience performing gentle yet effective deep cleaning services. We aim to bring healthier smiles to the Bacchus Marsh community.

We have highly trained professionals who consistently provide high-quality deep cleaning treatments.

Our team aims to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment during deep cleaning procedures.

With our years of experience, you'll love the results of your deep cleaning with us.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our dental clinic has state-of-the-art technology to make your teeth sparkling clean and healthy after a deep cleaning procedure. You can have a pleasant experience with us that will keep you coming back.

We invest in advanced tools and equipment to make your deep cleaning experience comfortable.

Our team prioritises your safety using the latest technology available during a deep cleaning procedure.

We will work with you to efficiently design a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Convenient and Flexible Payment Plans

Our flexible payment plans can make deep cleaning easy on your wallet. We want our patients to feel comfortable financially as they take steps towards achieving a beautifully healthy smile.

You can split the cost into several smaller payments over a time that fit your budget.

You won't have to sacrifice quality deep cleaning for an affordable price.

We strive to give you exceptional service without stretching your finances too far.

Thousands of Happy Patients

Magical Smiles Bacchus Marsh is the preferred destination for deep cleaning dental procedures, giving thousands of happy patients the quality service they deserve. Visit us today and enjoy a great dental experience!

As a family-friendly clinic, we value customer satisfaction. We aim to achieve your desired results.

Our friendly staff works hard to provide a support system as you go through your treatment.

To meet your busy schedules, we’re open on Saturdays to accommodate your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Deep Cleaning

When it comes to keeping your teeth clean, there is a big difference between regular and deep cleaning.

Regular cleaning is performed by your dentist every six months to maintain healthy gums. This procedure removes bacteria and tartar build-up between the teeth and gums and below the gum line. Your dentist may also polish your teeth to give them that extra shine. 

Deep cleaning of teeth in Bacchus Marsh, on the other hand, is much more intensive. Like a regular cleaning, it involves scaling, which is the removal of tartar and plaque between teeth and gums and from below the gum line. In addition, root planing is also performed, which smooths out the tooth roots to help your gums adhere to your teeth again. Deep cleaning is often recommended for people with gum disease, as it can help prevent further damage to the gums and teeth.

If you are wondering whether you need regular or deep teeth cleaning in Bacchus Marsh, feel free to ask our friendly team. They will be able to assess your needs and recommend a plan of action that’s right for you.

Whether you’ve never had a deep cleaning before or are just overdue for your next one, it’s important to know the benefits of a deep dental cleaning. Not only will your teeth look and feel better after the procedure, but you’ll also be less likely to experience dental problems down the road. Here are some benefits of deep cleaning:

  • Reduces the progression of periodontal disease
    Deep cleaning is an important procedure for keeping your teeth and gums healthy. By removing all the bacteria from around the root surface, this innovative procedure can help prevent the effects of periodontal disease from occurring.

  • Helps to address current infection
    Plaque and tartar build-up around the gumline can create pockets where bacteria can thrive. These pockets can become infected, leading to gingivitis or periodontitis.

    Deep cleaning of teeth in Bacchus Marsh can remove these bacteria-rich pockets and help address any current infection.

  • Getting rid of bad breath
    Bacteria cause bad breath by releasing foul-smelling gases. Deep teeth cleaning can remove these bacteria and prevent bad breath.

  • Protects your roots and jawbones
    When plaque and tartar are not removed, they can lead to bone loss around the roots of your teeth. This bone loss can make your teeth loose and eventually lead to tooth loss.

    Deep cleaning of teeth in Bacchus Marsh can help prevent this by removing plaque and tartar before they have a chance to cause damage.

Deep cleaning in Bacchus Marsh can be uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t be painful.

Before starting the procedure, your dentist will give you a local anaesthetic, which numbs the area around your tooth. You may feel some pressure during the cleaning, but you shouldn’t feel any pain. If you start to feel pain, let your dentist know immediately to make any necessary adjustments.

Deep cleaning is usually done in two appointments, each lasting about 45 minutes. During the first appointment, the dentist will clean the front surfaces of your teeth. The second appointment will focus on the back surfaces of your teeth.

After a deep cleaning procedure, it is normal to experience some swelling and pain. This is because the deep cleaning process can leave your gums sensitive. However, the swelling and pain should last only a few days or weeks. If the swelling and pain persist for longer than this, consult our dental team.

Regular cleanings and checkups at the dentist twice a year are generally enough to keep your teeth healthy. However, if you have periodontitis or an infection in your gums, we recommend you come back to our clinic more frequently to stay on track with your oral health.

If you have any concerns about how often you should get a deep cleaning, please discuss them with our professional team. We will be able to provide you with personalised recommendations depending on the severity of gum disease and the condition of your oral health.


The answer depends on a few factors, including your health insurance plan and the reason for your deep teeth cleaning.

Most health insurance plans will generally cover at least part of the cost of a deep dental cleaning. If your deep cleaning is performed for medical reasons, such as to address gum disease, your insurance may cover a larger portion of the cost.

To get a clear understanding of whether or not your insurance will cover a deep cleaning, it’s recommended that you contact your provider directly. At Magical Smiles Bacchus Marsh, our team will be happy to estimate the costs involved and help you figure out a way to pay for your deep cleaning that fits your budget.