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Have you ever found yourself waking up with a headache or feeling pain in your jaw? You may also notice that your teeth are starting to show signs of wear and tear. You may suffer from bruxism, a common condition where you grind your teeth, often at night while you sleep.

Over time, bruxism can lead to tooth damage. Constant grinding wears down the enamel on your teeth, making them more susceptible to cavities. Additionally, bruxism can damage dental work such as crowns, bridges, and dental veneers. This can cause them to become loose or damaged.

Magical Smiles Bacchus Marsh offers comfortable, custom-made dental appliance mouthguards. We provide a variety of colours and styles to choose from, so you can find the exact mouthguard to match your personality. So, if you’re looking for an effective and stylish mouthguard, come and visit us today.

Dental Problems That
Mouthguards Can Address

At Magical Smiles Bacchus Marsh, we are committed to helping you take steps towards optimal dental health. We offer mouthguards that are fantastic for providing protection to your precious teeth.


Bruxism is a condition in which you grind or clench your teeth, causing tooth damage and jaw pain. By wearing a mouthguard, you create a shield between your upper and lower teeth and prevent them from rubbing against one another.

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Why Choose Magical Smiles Bacchus Marsh

If you or a loved one suffers from bruxism, our Magical Smiles Bacchus Marsh team can help. We offer custom-fit mouthguards in Bacchus Marsh to protect your teeth and help you smile without pain again.

Qualified Team of Professionals

Our team has an abundance of experience in providing optimal dental care to our patients. We aim to give you a truly fantastic experience when getting a mouthguard.

Our dental professionals have completed rigorous training and certifications in the field of dentistry.

We strictly comply with dentistry standards, so our mouthguards offer your teeth the protection it needs.

Our team can thoroughly assess your condition to create an effective treatment plan.

State-of-the-Art Technology

At Magical Smiles Bacchus Marsh, we stay current with advancements in dentistry and invest in modern equipment. It allows us to diagnose problems accurately and deliver effective treatment options in a timely manner.

We invest in continuing education opportunities to keep our staff up-to-date with industry developments.

Our modern equipment enables us to create mouthguards that fit comfortably and protect your teeth.

You can count on our team to create a treatment plan that meets your needs.

Convenient and Flexible Payment Plans

We understand that not everyone has the same budget for getting mouthguards. Our clinic offers convenient and flexible payment plans to help you get the dental care you need without having financial worries.

With our interest-free payment plans, you can receive the treatment you need without paying hidden charges.

Our payment plans can help you manage your dental care costs without straining your finances.

We will work with you to find a payment option that meets your needs.

Thousands of Happy Patients

Many have been delighted with their custom-fit mouthguards after receiving quality care from Magical Smiles Bacchus Marsh’s qualified professionals. We make every effort to create great results.

We are dedicated to protecting every patient's smile by providing quality mouthguards.

We have served thousands of satisfied patients through the years with exceptional dental care.

We have built an exemplary reputation in the community through our commitment to patient comfort.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Mouthguards

Here are five reasons why you should consider wearing a mouthguard:

  1. You grind your teeth at night. If you suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding), you may not even be aware that you’re doing it. But the damage can be significant, leading to chips, cracks, and flattened surfaces on your teeth. A mouthguard can help protect your teeth from the nightly grind.

  2. You have braces. If you’ve got metal brackets and wires attached to your teeth, you’re at real risk of chipping or breaking a tooth if you take a fall or get hit in the mouth. A mouthguard can provide an extra layer of protection for your smile.

  3. You are a professional athlete. As a professional athlete who plays competitive sports, it is important to have the right gear to stay safe and maximise your performance. One essential item that you need is a mouthguard. A mouthguard helps protect against impacts to your face and offers protection for your teeth and jaws should you take a hit or fall unexpectedly during a game.

  4. You play recreational sports. It’s not just football players and boxers who need mouthguards – anyone who plays recreational sports is at risk of taking a hard hit to the face. Whether you’re playing basketball, soccer, hockey, or skateboarding, a mouthguard can help to minimise dental injuries.

  5. You have sensitive teeth. If your teeth are especially sensitive or have crowns, veneers, or tooth implants, a mouthguard can help protect them from damage.

We offer mouthguards in Bacchus Marsh that are durable, making them a good investment for your dental health. Talk to our professional team about whether a mouthguard is right for you.

Mouthguards are an important tool in keeping your beautiful smile healthy and protected. Here are some benefits of wearing a dental guard in Bacchus Marsh:

  • Protects your teeth from damage
    When you grind your teeth at night, you’re putting unnecessary stress on them, leading to chips, cracks, and even wearing down the enamel. Mouthguards will protect your teeth from grinding and clenching and keep your smile healthy.

    Mouthguards can also protect your teeth, tongue, gums, cheeks, and lips from damage in case of sports accidents.

  • Limits sleep apnoea and snoring
    If you or your partner suffer from sleep apnoea or snoring, night guards in Bacchus Marsh can help. The mouthguard will push your tongue and jaw forward to keep your airway open so you can get a good night’s sleep.

  • Reduces headaches and pain
    If you wake up with headaches or jaw pain, it could be due to teeth grinding. Night guards will ease the tension in your muscles so you can wake up refreshed and pain-free.

  • Improves sleep patterns
    You’ll have more energy during the day and feel better overall when you’re well-rested. Night guards will help you get the deep sleep you need so you can take on whatever comes your way.

    Clearly, a dental guard is an important part of maintaining good oral health. We have experienced dentists at our clinic who can create a custom mouthguard that will help you sleep better all night long. Contact us today to schedule your dental visit.

It’s important to take good care of your dental guard, as this helps give you maximum protection for your teeth. On average, a mouthguard will last for about five years. However, we recommend you switch it out at least once a year. This will help you feel confident that your mouthguard still meets high standards for quality and comfort.

For general sports use, wearing your mouthguard for 1-2 hours is enough to protect your teeth while playing. On the other hand, for bruxism, night guards must be worn all night, while day guards should be worn throughout the day and removed only during meals. 

Whatever your situation, make sure to follow your dentist’s instructions closely when it comes to wearing your mouthguard!

It’s important to take good care of your mouthguard so that it lasts a long time and continues to protect your teeth effectively. Here are some tips:

  • Rinse your mouthguard immediately after taking it out of your mouth using cold water. This will remove any saliva or food particles that could cause bacteria to build up.
  • Brush your mouthguard with your toothbrush before putting it back in its case. Use toothpaste if you like, but be sure to rinse the guard well afterwards so no residue is left on it.
  • Lay your mouthguard on a clean surface and allow it to dry completely before storing it in its case. This will help prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • Deep clean your mouthguard monthly by soaking it in denture cleaner or a mild antibacterial soap. Rinse it thoroughly afterwards.
  • Keep your case clean by washing it periodically with soap and water. Rinse it well and allow it to dry completely before storing your mouthguard in it.


Following these simple tips can help your mouthguard stay clean and effective for a long time.

Talking with a mouthguard is completely acceptable, and after a bit of practice, it might surprise you how quickly and easily you can speak while wearing one.

However, it is highly recommended to remove your mouthguard when eating and drinking anything other than water. This is because food particles can stick to your mouthguard and cause decay from bacteria that build up over time. Furthermore, stains from beverages like coffee or tea can also become difficult to remove. 

If you have any questions about mouthguards, please ask our dental team. We will be delighted to help you figure out what type of mouthguard is suitable for you and how to use it properly.

Custom mouthguards are an important piece of protection for athletes of all ages and those who grind their teeth at night, but they can also be a substantial investment. The cost of custom-fitted mouthguards in Bacchus Marsh starts from $200 to $300, which may seem like a lot at first glance.

However, getting a mouthguard can help avoid more costly dental treatments in the future. So, it is worth investing in a custom mouthguard, even if it means spending a bit more upfront. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry about your teeth!